Guard Dog Smart ride technology

   GuardDog is the ultimate safe trailer monitoring solution providing user(s) full control, instant alerting, with live remote access to video and functionality control to their trailer.  GuardDog has been designed and engineered with the end user’s needs at the forefront.  We understand the variety of trailer applications and offer each system tailored to the end user.  The system will allow multiple users simultaneous log in and access at a time making way for the driver, owner, and other allowed users to view and activate the system. 

  GuardDog enables the trailers’ driver with instant alerting of hazardous tire pressure, trailer battery life, and trailer temperature through its custom IOS application over the built in Wi-Fi.  Additionally, through the use of the application, and up to 4 HD Low Light cameras, he may view the interior of the trailer, exterior, and back up view.  Another safety advantage of the system is the automatic back-up feature which instantly detects the vehicles reverse gear and automatically displays the equipped reverse camera through the devices’ application. 

     The GuardDog IOS application is the users interface to the GuardDog Trailer Monitoring System.  The tab style layout and automatic notifications makes the system easy to use and monitor.  The user also has the ability to customize alert parameters, name relays, and switch between standard Wi-Fi signal or optionally equipped Cellular LTE network.  The IOS user interface enables the users’ ability to monitor, maintain, track, and preemptively prepare for the journey ahead 24/7



Cellular Data

While on location, if the driver becomes out of  range of Wi-Fi, the equipped cellular modem may be utilized.  This is simply a way to connect to the monitoring solution “remotely” using a cellular signal.  Current LTE cellular offerings are designed to work with Apple IOS devices through Verizon and AT&T.  This option is enabled by activating a SIM card with a “phone data plan” through one of these suppliers, then simply inserting the activated SIM card into the monitoring devices’ cellular modem.  Wherever cellular LTE service is present, the GuardDog monitoring solution will be fully available for use.

GPS Location & remote sensoring

The driver can connect to the GuardDog monitoring system through the GuardDog application using the Wi-Fi signal, where he/she can monitor and control the trailer’s activity.  Other options are for the trailer’s owner or other individuals with access, to monitor the system remotely using a local Wi-Fi HotSpot or the optional cellular LTE modem’s connection. With either connection, the owner can track the trailer’s location using GPS, view live video footage, check various sensor readings from the trailer (tire pressure, temperature, humidity, battery voltage, etc.)



Tire pressure monitoring 

Integrated system with up to 6 tires. Real time status indicating current tire pressures and temp.User customizable tire pressure min/max thresholds for instant alerting. Automatic Alerts - Fast Leakage, Slow Leakage, and Inflation

IMG_0035 2.PNG

Camera system

High Definition Low Light HD Cameras. Up to 4 cameras feeds may be integrated into the system. Camera Video storage of up to 12hrs (Removable SD Card) Automatically activates reverse camera mode and prompts full screen view when the vehicle is in reverse gear

IMG_0034 2.PNG

Remote generator Function

Manually control On/Off generator function from a users device connected through     Wi-Fi signal or Cellular LTE